The Netherlands Focal Point

The Netherlands Focal Point (NL-FOP) represents the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) in the Netherlands. NL-FOP actively contributes to further development of occupational safety and health in the Netherlands and in Europe by importing and exporting knowledge, instruments and best practices.


The specific tasks of the Netherlands Focal Point are:

  • Disseminating information. On the one hand making European information accessible in the Netherlands and on the other hand making Dutch information accessible to other Member States.
  • Organising and promoting the biennial European campaign ‘a healthy workplace’ in the Netherlands.
  • Managing the National Focal Point network consisting of the social partners and various knowledge institutes and organisations.
  • Providing Dutch input to the development of the EU-OSHA products.


Coordination and implementation has been placed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment with TNO, in close consultation with the employers, employees and the government in the tripartite working group European Context.

About ArboNed

ArboNed boosting health and vitality of working population in the Netherlands. Absence management, relapse prevention and revitalization are the three cornerstones of ArboNed's services that demonstrably play an important social and economic role for the Dutch labour force. Our professionals provide specialised services to 70,000 employers and more than 1 million employees on a daily basis. Our customers include small and medium-sized enterprises, multinationals, institutions and government agencies.

About the Young Investigator Award

The Young Investigator Award is a prize for young, talented individuals who demonstrate awareness of the value of research. Research is not a goal in itself, but rather a means of acquiring insight and answering questions arising from practical situations. Hence it pertains to topics that affect the vitality of the working population in the Netherlands. This is a sizeable field, in which questions are focused on minimising absence, limiting occupational risks, fostering health and bolstering motivation to work.
By means of this award, ArboNed is keen to compliment those who have carried out high-quality research and transformed the findings into practical solutions, resulting in an immediate boost to the vitality of the working population in the Netherlands. 


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