Thanks to all participants we look back on an inspiring conference.
We cordially invite you to join the 2018 Wellbeing at Work conference in Paris, France.


Combining knowledge to support wellbeing of workers in the changing world of work.



o Health impact evaluation
o New research designs to evaluate (new) interventions
o Process evaluations and action research
o Making sense of Big Data
o New methods to measure psychological and physical wellbeing of employees


Worker health
o Demographic changes , employability
o Vitality (older workers, workers with chronic diseases, lifestyle, mobility)
o Diversity and gender
o Integrated approaches, total worker health
o Mental health of workers
o Resilience of workers and organizations
o Work engagement


Organizational and workplace factors
o Good jobs
o New ways of working: threats and opportunities
o Psychosocial work conditions and wellbeing at work
o Physical work environment and wellbeing at work (e.g. physical factors, safety at work, shift work and night work, light and wellbeing)
o Role of leadership and management
o Restructuring and wellbeing at work
o Social and workplace innovations and wellbeing at work
o Flexible arrangements


o Supporting health and wellbeing through technological innovation (e-health, m-health, gaming and gamification)
o Worksite health promotion
o Organizational, behavioral and technical intervention and wellbeing at work