Thanks to all participants we look back on an inspiring conference.
We cordially invite you to join the 2018 Wellbeing at Work conference in Paris, France.


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The Dutch Focal Point will screen the award winning movie “Automatic Fitness” and discuss the effects of technological advancement on wellbeing.


“Automatic Fitness: Thinking about technological advancement and its effect on wellbeing”
In this lunch session, a discussion on the effects of technological advancement on wellbeing will take place. The film screening of the award winning movie “Automatic Fitness” will serve as an introduction to the subject.


The movie depicts Mr. Hermann Everyman who lives in a perfectly organized dystopian world. In this world every aspect of life is controlled through complex processes. These processes are constantly improved and optimized to total perfection. Everything natural such as the growth of plants, the sprout of love or anger are technically defined and retrieved through complex processes.


The processes themselves are interconnected through belts. The burden of responsibility for the existential structure of society is carried by these conveyor belts. In constantly repeating sequences, they classify, sort and dominate life with clockwork precision.
In this perfectly rationalized daily routine Mr. Hermann Everyman, like everybody else, evolves to a perfectly functioning entity, thus enabling him to live in perfect harmony with the machines.


This session provides the perfect opportunity to share knowledge and discuss the future risks of: robotics, and automation.


Organised by: the Netherlands Focal Point of the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work



On Tuesday the Perosh group ‘Wellbeing and Work’ organizes a lunch- and network meeting for all participants that work at an institute that is a member of the Perosh-network.